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Berkeley Law professor Nancy K. D. Lemon, the nation’s pioneering and still leading authority on DV law (thirty years and counting), has these kind words to say about my book:

“I just finished reading Seven Blackbirds, and was very impressed. Could not put it down. As someone who’s worked in the domestic violence legal field for many years, I found this story compelling, moving, and completely credible. The protagonist’s legal struggles to free herself and her son from her husband are unfortunately all too typical of what happens in real life, where batterers often are able to drag things out for years, run up huge legal bills for their former partners, and otherwise use the court system to continue their abuse. The courtroom scene near the end of the book is hilarious and maddening and very accurate, in that the batterer shows his true colors. But perhaps more important, the main character moves from being a victim to reconnecting with her authentic self. This is a story of transformation and empowerment, with a lot of humor, great dialogue, and sometimes very poetic imagery.”

Eat Pray DriveEat Pray Drive

Forthcoming May 2013.








Singing in a Lost VoiceSinging in a Lost Voice

Forthcoming sequel to Seven Blackbirds.

Sneak peek—download the prologue now.