About Helen


O Pioneers! (With apologies to Willa Cather)

About me? Hmm. I arrived in Portland, Oregon in September 1998 (during the last recorded fourteen straight days of sunshine ever), vastly pregnant, a pre-schooler at one hand, toddler at the other, took one look at all the coffee shops full of folks in hiking boots READING BOOKS and thought: What’s not to like? My husband was from the East Coast, I was a native Midwesterner, and we were pioneers. We built a house, a garden, an orchard, a vineyard, a chicken coop, and almost a beehive but I had to draw the line somewhere. In between babies (five altogether) I wrote my novel Seven Blackbirds.

In 2009 this technologically-challenged busy mom entered the internet age and joined what is now the world’s largest document-sharing website, Scribd.com. By virtue of being an early adopter I skyrocketed to the top of the charts as the most-subscribed female published author, enjoying an extremely enthusiastic response for my—get this—HUMOR writing! I had like 68,000 subscribers or somethin’. I swear to God I do not know how this happened (she said primly, adjusting her glasses and smoothing down her Peter Pan collar) but somehow, when I picked up my pen all this funny stuff started bubbling up. I called it a newsletter, which may be quaint, but I hate the word “blog” (can we have a show of hands here?), and I named it “Mother’s Day Out”. A compilation of these essays, entitled Eat Pray Drive, will be forthcoming Mother’s Day 2017.

And now because we are well into the second decade of the 21st century, because I am a card-carrying artiste, and maybe also because I’m a redhead—I’ve decided it’s about time I take my own reins! To create and control the digital environment in which my works are read, whether they’re serious or light-hearted. Hence, this website. Thanks for stopping by!