Fig. 1. This is my brain on literature

This is my brain. (Actually it’s a fused-glass art plate I made at my kids’ school, but I think this is what my brain looks like.) And this is what my brain makes: Literary Fiction. Humorous Non-Fiction. And a blog called “Mother’s Day Out”, which is sometimes screamingly funny and sometimes heartbreakingly poignant and sometimes both of those things at once, because that’s EXACTLY like what life is like in my rollicking household of five children and one single mom clinging to sanity by the skin of her teeth. Oh yes and I’m a very determined advocate of domestic violence prevention… just thought I’d throw that in there. Turn the virtual page and take a peek!

Seven Blackbirds

Fig. 2. Serious fiction (Buy Now on Amazon)

Eat Pray Drive

Fig. 3. Non-fiction, seriously funny

Why Women Write

Fig.4. Mother’s Day Out